Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas Eve Eve

It looks as if Old Claus is down to checking this list twice. As he looks up from his glasses he seems to be saying, " Cindy, I am not going to tell you if Grumpy's name is on this list or not, don't ask again." OK ,OK... I was just wondering!!

The things I would really like for Christmas are not tangible. Peace in the world, happiness and health-- these are things pray for.

At least for most of us there is still one magical night each year, when the impossible seems possible and out of nowhere a small ray of hope shines down, touches our heart, and like children again, we believe in peace on earth and goodwill to all.

Friday, December 02, 2005


The girls at the office called yesterday while I was in the middle of doing whatever I do, and said," We need you to come up here, we need something festive for's to bland up here!" So, I grab my ribbons and decorations and head to the office. I think they should have at least bought me Here's what I made.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

~*~ Can I have this tree please?~*~

1931: Construction workers put up the first tree on their muddy construction site.

1933: The first formal Tree Lighting Ceremony, with 700 lights, took place at the new RCA Building.

1936: Two 70-foot trees were lit and the new Ice Skating Pond featured the ceremony's first skating pageant.

1942: Three trees, red, white and blue, were erected to support the WWII troops abroad.

1966: The first tree from outside of the US was erected, dontated by Canada to celebrate the Centennial of its Confederation.

1999: The largest tree in history came from Killingworth, Connecticut.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Voodoo Fest - Memphis TN!

~Voodoo Fest~
Normally held in New Orleans, moved to Memphis-this weekend. I tell ya the line up, then the problem....

Foo Fighters
Flaming Lips
Queens of Stone Age
Billy Idol
Social Distortion
My Chemical Romance
Neville Brothers... at a list of others.

The middle child gets a press pass to do an article for the college news paper. The 21 y/o wants to tag along. Polar opposites, now these are the two kids that ended up going over the damn on a AIR MATTRESS. Bad idea in my opinion, but the father as already given the OK. Prayers will pour from my mouth. It's not they I don't think they won't get along, I'm afraid of what they MIGHT find to get into!!

I wish it had rained out.....

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Halloween blog.... did you ever do this??

Did you ever do this as a child?
This was sent to me in a Halloween email. Then I wondered, has anyone else every done this? I was around 12 years old and we tried the " who believes in Mary Worth" late one night while at a friends house. All I can remember is that we got scared and stopped. I haven't thought about it since.... until I read the email? Anyone else?

If you go into the bathroom and look into the mirror with the lights off and the room completely black, and then say 'Bloody Mary' thirteen times, a woman will appear and scratch your face up/off.

I was told that if you said "Hell Mary" seven times in front of a mirror in a dark room, you would see Satan's image in the mirror. The story was embellished further by the teller, who claimed that after three "Hell Mary", the mirror turned red, and that after five an unclear face appeared.

Here's how I always heard the story.

You go into a room with a mirror and turn all the lights off (this works well in a bathroom). You begin, in a whisper, to chant "bloody mary. bloody mary, Bloody Mary", as you continue to chant your voice should grow louder and louder into a near scream. While you are chanting you should be spinning around at a medium rate and taking a glimpse in the mirror at each pass. Near the 13th repetition of the words . . . "she" should appear and...?

A frend of mine said that her roommate tried this and ran out screaming from the bathroom. She was shaking and appeared genuinely terrified and refused to talk about the incident, but those who were around her when she came out noticed that her clenched fingers were covered in blood.


The avenging spirit goes by many names: Bloody Mary, Bloody Bones, Hell Mary, Mary Worth, Mary Worthington, Mary Whales, Mary Johnson, Mary Lou, Mary Jane, Sally, Kathy, Agnes, Black Agnes, Aggie, Svarte Madame.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

My Best Friend

This is a photo of Eicko. My best friend for almost 12 years. He died Jan. of this year from a spine disease.

How I ended up with him.

My HEART's DESIRE was not to get a K-9 German Shepherd. He was my choice instead of a gun. One night after working the 3-11 shift at the hospital I was followed home. Basically chased by a guy who was high on crack who was a known felon. It was about a 20 minutes drive home, but the chase lasted about 10 minutes. Why he decided to follow me I don't know, but he must have seen me when I stopped for gas before heading home. He did not know that because of the long drive, another nurse I worked with always followed me home since my exit was first. She got the tag number, and called the police. When I realized the guy was seriously following me ( he had driven ahead and blocked the road) I went off of the side of the road headed back toward the city. I went straight to the police station. They escorted me to the country line, then the sheriff's dept. escorted me home from there. They both encouraged me to get a gun, saying this could happen day or night.

Instead I went to find the most well trained K-9 I could and money was no object. I looked at many, but the minute I saw Eicko, I knew. I took him home, sang and slept with him for the first two weeks. After that he never left my side. I took this photo will working in the front yard and letting Eicko " watch my back". I could of sworn he was smiling, so I took the photo.

I looked out of the den window tonight, onto the deck where he always had his eye on me. The other dog is there. I love him, but he will have a different place in my car.

Katrina, now Rita... here I sit!

Needless to say my hometown has suffered it's fair share of bad luck over the past 30 days. With Rita, we only had winds, enought to limit our power again, but only for 7 or 8 hrs. I am posting some photo's of houses in the neighborhood, some with damage, some without. Lucky X 2... We had no damage at our house. Mother nature has her own agenda, doesn't she?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

As a mom, sometimes you just get that feeling...

You know... that feeling that tells you , " I need to check on the baby," but this time it was check on the boys. They had acted kinda strange this morning, looking up how dam systems work, things like that. They disappear to Walmart but return with nothing. They tell me as I am cleaning up the kitchen from lunch that they are going to the woods, and hike around. I don't think much about it, until one of the boys comes back in the house and get's the video camera. At that point I know something is up.

I give them about an hour and head down the old train tracks toward the river. The water works station is down there and so is the dam. I take my digital camera and a can of "off" and start my hike.

When I got there, I had taken the wrong path but could see them in the middle of the river, (life jackets on) with two paddles. I think, Oh, ok, their just pretending to do the Huck Finn things. I take the path back and over and get to the area where they are. NOW I see that they are going OVER THE DAM on an air mattress!! I yell, by then they are 10 to 15 seconds from going over, so I just take a few photos. When they crawl up the bank they are grinning from ear to ear, not sure what I am going to say or do. I told them, " at least you had on your life jackets, but this is the end of going on the dam, don't you see the sign, DANGEROUS CURRENT on the side of that building?

They pack up and head home. I told them if they had wanted to go down the river, they should have bought a dingy or something sturdy. So we made a deal. They won't sneak off to the water treatment plant, and I will buy a HUGE safe dingy and they can paddle and see where the river goes.

As a parent, when I have gotten those feelings in the past, I haven't been wrong when I followed up on them.

I am going to post several photo's( you'll have to double click) to show ya'll how dangerous this was... even for 20 year old boys.