Sunday, September 18, 2005

As a mom, sometimes you just get that feeling...

You know... that feeling that tells you , " I need to check on the baby," but this time it was check on the boys. They had acted kinda strange this morning, looking up how dam systems work, things like that. They disappear to Walmart but return with nothing. They tell me as I am cleaning up the kitchen from lunch that they are going to the woods, and hike around. I don't think much about it, until one of the boys comes back in the house and get's the video camera. At that point I know something is up.

I give them about an hour and head down the old train tracks toward the river. The water works station is down there and so is the dam. I take my digital camera and a can of "off" and start my hike.

When I got there, I had taken the wrong path but could see them in the middle of the river, (life jackets on) with two paddles. I think, Oh, ok, their just pretending to do the Huck Finn things. I take the path back and over and get to the area where they are. NOW I see that they are going OVER THE DAM on an air mattress!! I yell, by then they are 10 to 15 seconds from going over, so I just take a few photos. When they crawl up the bank they are grinning from ear to ear, not sure what I am going to say or do. I told them, " at least you had on your life jackets, but this is the end of going on the dam, don't you see the sign, DANGEROUS CURRENT on the side of that building?

They pack up and head home. I told them if they had wanted to go down the river, they should have bought a dingy or something sturdy. So we made a deal. They won't sneak off to the water treatment plant, and I will buy a HUGE safe dingy and they can paddle and see where the river goes.

As a parent, when I have gotten those feelings in the past, I haven't been wrong when I followed up on them.

I am going to post several photo's( you'll have to double click) to show ya'll how dangerous this was... even for 20 year old boys.


Blogger Ranger Tom said...

As a 39 year-old man who can vividly remember what it was like to be a boy at that age...

I have two modes of thought:

Adult: "Ack!"

Teen: "Cool! Let's se if we can put a motor on it next time!"

But I do have to agree with you. As an adult, and especially as a parent, one does goet those 'feelings' sometimes.

6:32 PM  
Blogger Ranger Tom said...

Just had another thought... You said 20? I was in the Army four years by that age, and I was doing a WHOLE lot of stuff I'm really glad my mom never knew about...


6:40 PM  
Blogger Cindy said...

Tom, They DID say, can we get a motor and put behind this and go down the

6:49 PM  
Blogger Ranger Tom said...

See... I knoweth with what I speak...


3:45 AM  
Blogger mrshife said...

Boys will be boys, but it is good that they got a smart lady looking after them.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Kirk Bradford Myers said...

Wow! Those pictures look like the kind of thing I've seen people on those "amazing" home video shows on television get hopelessly stuck in, requiring rescue by local authorities. Good thing your "motherly" gut instinct kicked in.

Sort of makes one wonder where that "gut" feeling we all have comes from, anyway. Does it come with gained knowledge and experience, or is it some sort of ingrained "sixth sense" left over from our evolution that we haven't learned yet how to control, one that warns us of impending danger long before it happens? Without a doubt, we have only just begun to explore the human psyche.

Anyway, glad to hear your kids are okay, and shot the rapids and made it out in one piece. Keep bloggin' 'way, and take care! :)

--- kirk Bradford Myers ---

2:16 AM  
Blogger K-Dub said...

My mother still won't give away where she got her gut feeling from. I think you all should find a way to market it and put it on Ebay or something. You could make a fortune.

The pictures are great, I'm sure they got a kick out of it before they had to stop.

8:09 PM  
Blogger Sydney said...

LOL Ranger Tom pegged it in his first post on the two modes of thought - pretty funny.

I can ALWAYS tell when Dylan's up to something. He doesn't have a subtle bone in his body. In general though, he is pretty safe (I pray as I say this)

6:20 PM  

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