Wednesday, November 30, 2005

~*~ Can I have this tree please?~*~

1931: Construction workers put up the first tree on their muddy construction site.

1933: The first formal Tree Lighting Ceremony, with 700 lights, took place at the new RCA Building.

1936: Two 70-foot trees were lit and the new Ice Skating Pond featured the ceremony's first skating pageant.

1942: Three trees, red, white and blue, were erected to support the WWII troops abroad.

1966: The first tree from outside of the US was erected, dontated by Canada to celebrate the Centennial of its Confederation.

1999: The largest tree in history came from Killingworth, Connecticut.


Blogger chattymoon2012 said...

Hi Cindy! I kept coming to visit here to see if you are over here now. I wrote a comment to the Editor over at the place that used to be Blogster, and they banned my IP address. Chris was able to go in thru his blog and get our blogs and Cold Onion's. He also tried to get me in to see my blog, finally I got in but only after he had to use Proxyserver. Go visit him, he still goes by Lostinthetriangle. I don't care if they let me in the door again I am all done. That place just isn't the same ole'Blogster I knew and loved...come say hi to me sometimes, glad the old gang is slowly getting together here...Now you remember me I was never gonna leave Blogster, but it is like communisism over there. If you need help getting your blog out from there, ask Chris to help you. He said anyone wants that kind of help, he is happy to do it....

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What about the first Hanukkah bush?

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Thanks for the comment Chatty.:) Yeah, I am still on blogster but, wanted to have a blog over here so I could talk to some of my friends that were no longer at blogster. Good hearing from you again.:)


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